Kingsway Edmonds Revelopment

2020 - Present

Burnaby, British Columbia

Urban Strategies is leading a master planning and public consultation process in Edmonds Town Centre, Burnaby to transform an affordable housing neighbourhood at Kingsway and Edmonds into a reinvigorated mixed-income community. The plan will replace the 331 existing units and provide a framework for better quality housing, improved amenities, and a more supportive physical and social environment for the tenants. The plan aims to achieve the maximum development potential for the site as a mixed-tenure, high-density development that sets the standard for sustainability and collaborative placemaking in Burnaby. Through a mix of affordable housing, market housing, commercial space and public amenities, Kingsway and Edmonds will be a place of intersection between civic spaces, institutional and commercial uses creating opportunities to foster innovation and support Burnaby’s local economy.

Demonstrating the City of Burnaby and BC Housing’s commitment to affordable housing, the redevelopment plan is focused on capturing residents’ and stakeholders’ needs and priorities for their community. Our goal is to develop a vision that is not only transformative and supported by all involved, but also pragmatic and grounded in the local context. The plan will inform future development for the site in a way that maximizes economic and social potential and builds a safe, inclusive and integrated community. To achieve this objective, Urban Strategies is providing expertise in urban design, land use planning and public consultation and leading a multidisciplinary team of local consultants.

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