Yorkdale Shopping Centre

2013 - Present

Toronto, Ontario

Urban Strategies provides planning consulting advice for the development of Yorkdale Shopping Centre. Yorkdale is one of North America’s most successful malls, and has fundamentally shifted the retail environment in the city of Toronto, remaining well-known for innovative architectural features and design excellence. Urban Strategies has been working on an ongoing consultation basis that has extended for the past 10 years. During this time the mall has undergone three major developments, and is currently undergoing a Master Planning process.

The first redevelopment included the new Holt Renfrew Store and a number of smaller stores on the south side of the mall; the second was the Nordstrom expansion that includes approximately 40 new smaller stores on the east side of the mall adjacent to the Yorkdale subway station; the third is an addition anchored by Restoration Hardware to the west side of the mall where a number of stores have replaced the Sears Department store.

The current Master Plan process is working to establish a long term plan for the Site and allows for the development of development options as developed by retail consultants CallisonRTKL. This plan has been submitted as a combined Official Plan and Zoning By-law amendment. The motivating purpose of this amendment is to ensure comprehensive long term planning that reflects the mixed-use nature of the Site. It is important to be able to respond quickly to retail changing trends; this plan also introduces purpose built rental to the Site, and plans for higher density office and residential uses long term.

Urban Strategies continues to works closely with the design team, city staff and the developer to achieve the speedy time requirements of retail development.


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