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Downtown Strategies

Urban Strategies has planned downtowns in cities big and small throughout North America, the UK and Asia. We understand the complexity of issues and stakeholders in a downtown environment. We identify the strategic actions required to catalyze and maintain revitalization. We have been practicing and promoting traditional neighbourhood design for 30 years. Walkable communities, housing diversity, gathering places, mixed use, integrating nature and heritage are our guiding principles. Our projects demonstrate a sensitive understanding of these fundamentals, and our many awards are further testament to our commitment to planning places that are healthy, vibrant and sustainable. Our plans get implemented. Visions are nice and necessary. Clear plans and policies are essential. But implementation is the measure of a plan’s success. We map the way toward action and motivate the key players. Projects get built and new places are created from our work. These projects include civic squares in Detroit, Manchester and Guelph; waterfront parks and trails in Brooklyn, Toronto and Hamilton; major developments in Hartford, Cambridge and St. Louis.