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Retail Revitalization

Rendering of Galleria Mall Redevelopment from a distance.

Galleria Mall Redevelopment

2015 - Present

A former mall site re-imagined as a human-scale community centred on parks and open spaces, thoughtful urban design, and pedestrian-oriented streets and walkways.

Reimagining the mall.

Physical retail environments are quickly evolving. With the increased use of online commerce, physical retail spaces need to promote unique experiences, special services, and amenities to thrive. This is resulting in retail areas that have a broader mix of uses, including housing, and a focus on place-making.

We are working with developers on large site revitalization plans, including full scale urban downtown blocks and for major shopping centres, creating long-term plans to intensify and introduce a mix of uses, often taking advantage of new higher-order transit infrastructure. Urban Strategies is developing a number of long-term redevelopment plans for many of Canada’s top-performing regional shopping centres in the Greater Toronto Area. We provide planning and urban design expertise, helping to create flexible, long term development scenarios that responds to future community needs and regional moves.

In some cases, the plan involves expanding the internalized portion of the mall, and introduce new uses, such as street-related retail, purpose-built rental housing, and parkland. In other cases, the scope involves massive new developments where sites are being transformed into a community of connections that knits together the established surrounding neighbourhoods. Our goal is to create a mixed-use development at the centre of a transit node that will bring in a new workforce that will support schools, shops and local businesses.

  • Master Planning an Urban Design Strategies
  • Stakeholder and Community Engagement
  • Transit Oriented Development Strategies
  • Feasibility Analysis
  • Policy Review
  • Site Planning
  • Development Approvals
Rendered sketch of Yorkdale Shopping Centre.

Yorkdale Shopping Centre

2010 – Present

A new 30-year master plan introducing over 5,000 residential units, new community amenities and commercial spaces, and a rich open space and public realm network.

“As Toronto—the capital of the province of Ontario and Canada’s largest city—continues to grow and evolve, its malls stand at the precipice of transformation. They are the final urban frontier, ripe for redevelopment into spaces that reflect the city’s future rather than its past. ”

— Urban Land Institute, Spring Meeting 2023 (Toronto)
Cloverdale Mall aerial rendering

Cloverdale Mall Master Plan

2018 – Present

QuadReal is proposing to reinvigorate Cloverdale Mall as an innovative and dynamic mixed-use, urban community offering a strong sense of place, sustainable design, and thoughtful integration with the surrounding neighbourhood context.

Canada Square Rendering.

Canada Square

2017 – Present

Canada Square is a 3.7 hectare (9.1 acre) site located at the intersection of Yonge Street and Eglinton Avenue.

Rendering of aerial view of RioCan Colossus Master Plan.

RioCan Colossus Master Plan

2020 – Present

The master plan will deliver 10M square feet of mixed use space, 13,000 residential units, 12 acres of open space and a new street network.

2200 Eglinton Avenue East aerial rendering.

2200 Eglinton Avenue East

2017 – Present

A dynamic mixed-use development, with residential and employment uses within a connected open-space network, located along the future Eglinton Crosstown LRT.

Square One Rendering.

Square One District

2001 – Present

The Square One District will see 18 million square feet of space built on 130 acres of currently under-utilized land.