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Waterfront Regeneration

Urban Strategies Inc. has directed the revitalization of riverfronts, harbours and ports throughout the United States, Canada, the Caribbean and the United Kingdom. Our more than two decades of experience results in waterfront plans that balance the preservation of history and existing character with opportunities for reinvestment; residential, commercial and industrial growth; and increased tourism and park space. As with all of our projects, our integration of planning and design, and a focus on involving stakeholders, working with the unique aspects of each place, and developing implementation strategies ensures the development of visionary, robust and achievable solutions.

Photo of people standing and sitting on a beach.

Brooklyn Bridge Park Master Plan

1999 – 2000

Urban Strategies developed the Master Plan for Brooklyn Bridge Park, an 85‐acre sustainable waterfront park stretching 1.3 miles along Brooklyn’s East River shoreline.

Aerial view rendering of the London Docklands.

London Docklands

2001 – 2012

Urban Strategies is playing a key role in the regeneration of the London Docklands, a former heavy industrial district located along the Thames River in East London.

Conceptual plan of Punggol, Singapore with the estate in green and the rest of the city in grey.


2009 – 2013

Urban Strategies has created visionary master plans for several major projects in Singapore.